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Our path to luxury furniture design

Own brand:

  • LHL - luxury furniture
Family and tradition
The idea of ​​establishing our own company, building it from the foundation stone has always attracted us and design in our Czech-Slovak family has always played a big role. 

Manufacturing production Czech Republic and Slovakia

We produce luxury furniture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We use the highest quality materials. Individual collections of luxury furniture are handmade. It is the manufacture of limited collections. We create works of art that art lovers buy.

Original design
Our idea is to create a new creative foundation for the support and development of timeless design and architecture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are in the world of hi-technologies of wood, plastic, aluminum, vacuum forming, bending, perfect surface treatment and coating of individual materials. Our Czech-Slovak production is specialized in production of atypical interior elements.


Czech glass:

  • Glass by Prof. Dr. ing. Arch. Bořek Šípek

A world-renowned architect and designer (1949-2016) Court Architect of President Václav Havel , Czech Republic. Bořek Šípek, born in Prague in 1949 was a famous Czech architect and designer. He is known around the world for his rich style that has been described as Neo-Baroque, for which he is also known as the father of. Famous for his unique individual style, Šípek often experimented with strange shapes that gave the final appearance of opulence, hence the Father of the Neo-Baroque title. His designs of architecture and glass are well known throughout the world and his art is represented by offices in Prague, Amsterdam and Shanghai. Šípek had the honor of being the Prague Castle Court Architect under Václav Havel. Bořek Šípek held a Doctorate in Architecture from the Technical University of Delft, which he obtained in 1979. He taught in Prague and Vienna and was appointed Dean of the Architecture department at the Technical University of Liberec in 2005. He was presented with a variety of awards including the Dutch Kho Liang Ie Prize for design in 1989, the La Croix Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et Lettres by the French government in 1991 and the Talent De L´Originalite´ - Le Sommet du Luxe et de la Creation in 2005. He designed exteriors and interiors for lounges, office, retail and residential spaces in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Qatar, Lebanon, China and Japan.



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